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OKR Grids for Health

Published August 11, 2023

If you haven’t at least skimmed my blog reboot post yet, it might be helpful to understand why I’m doing all of this.

How to read an OKR Grid:

My Health OKR Grid is inspired by Christina Wodtkey’s “Four Square” tool in her book Radical Focus.

  • Read the grid clockwise.
  • We start with OKRs to set and remind ourselves of our foundational goals: OKRs are
    • Objectives - the inspirational “What”
    • Key Results - aka KRs or the “how we know we’ve met our goal”
  • Next, Metrics help us ensure that we’re maintaining the things that matter most while continuing to press forward on new developments.
  • Pipeline is the list of things that we envision coming up or being a part of the near future.
  • Priorities are active commitments, this week, to progress forward in meeting our goals.

OKR Grid

This is a little ugly today, but I’ll punch up the styling soon enough!

PrioritiesOKR Confidence
This week’s top prioritiesThese OKRs should be met within 3 months
P1: < 2 CGM blood spikes per day(5/10) Objective: Reshape my body to improve my quality of life.
P1: cover 20 miles of walking- KR: lower my BMI to 25
P1: Blog post: 1st check-in- KR: build 20lbs of muscle
P1: Blog post: OKR Grid- KR: run a 5k
P2: 1 longer 5-7 mile walk
P2: 1 day water fast(5/10) Objective: Understand my body and health conditions.
P2: learn while moving: find informative podcasts for walks- KR: Understand how nutrition, dieting, intermittent fasting, and inflammation impact my health and current medical condition.
- KR: Understand the biology of my health condition.
- KR: Plan out and execute on a roadmap of my recovery.
(5/10) Objective: Implement sustainable lifestyle measures to maintain my healthy future.
- KR: Learn to cook healthy meals and limit eating out to less than 4 times per month.
- KR: Take 5 cooking classes to build a foundational knowledge in the kitchen.
- KR: Find and use 3 active alternatives to default sedentary behaviors. (watching TV, and sitting all day for work)
Weekly OKR check-in blog postscircuit training 4 days per week
Finishing the drive back home to Texas (8/12 - 8/19)20 miles per week of running/walking
Blood Labs while in Texarkana (8/15) - prep for HepatologistPrepare 5 healthy meals per week
Relocating to San Antonio Metro (8/20)1 check-in blog post per week on progress and lessons learned
Hepatologist visit (8/25)morning/evening routine consistency
8 hours of sleep
meds / vitamins / supplements