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First Check-in

Published August 15, 2023

I have some OKRs defined, and it’s time to see how I’m tracking!

I’ve actually been working out and experimenting with diet changes for about 6 weeks now. That said, I have a lot to figure out still.

Time for a first check-in post!

OKR Confidence

Starting with my OKRs, I feel I’ve started strong.

(7/10) Objective: Reshape my body

  • Weight loss
    • I’ve lost right at 20lbs through diet and exercise, since the beginning of July.
  • Exercise
    • Walking highlights
      • 28 miles this past week
      • > 8 miles in one day my best day yet
    • My legs have been aching and building up more from the frequency of my longer walks.
  • Nutrition
    • I’ve stuck with a low carb, whole foods, diet for the past month with 3 small exceptions. Each of those exceptions caused me to have terrible stomach aches…so really great motivation for eating healthier!
    • I completed a 24 hour water-only fast. I was able to handle this much more easily than I expected to be able to.
    • I’m focusing on adding protein to help my recovery effort. This also helps me stay full and away from snacking.

(8/10) Objective: Understand my body and health issues.

(6/10) Objective: Implement sustainable lifestyle changes

  • I’ve been leaning really heavily on walking throughout the day. This has helped me get started, but going forward I need to shift more heavily into an active morning routine. So far my mornings have been somewhat lax.
  • We’ve found more restaurants with healthy options. I have found filling salads that I actually like at Jason’s Deli, McAlister’s Deli. At most steak houses, I’ve been able to find a great salad or a large baked or grilled chicken option.
  • I’ve always been a picky eater, but I’m starting to explore different vegetables and surprising myself from time to time.


  • Circuit Training
    • I still haven’t been to the gym yet. It’s hot in Texas though, so that will happen any day now.
  • 20 miles per week walking/running
    • I did it!
  • cook 5 healthy meals
    • we’ve eaten out more than I care to admit, but we have kept it low carb and whole foods based.
  • blog post per week
    • I did it!
  • discipline of morning/evening routine
    • still a little rocky, but getting better.
    • Losing an hour to a timezone change (Eastern -> Central) didn’t help things.
    • We are getting up early consistently though!
  • 8 hours of sleep
    • This is getting better, but it’s not quite consistent enough.
  • meds/supplements
    • I’ve never done well taking meds regularly.
    • I switched from a 3-a-day to a 2-a-day metformin, so that’s making it much easier!


  • Travel day stress
    • Our travel this past weekend was incredibly stressful.
    • That caused some sleep issues, and my glucose levels were not as stable.
    • I did manage to stay on top of a healthy diet though!
    • We also got a quick walk in while stopped at a rest area! This is a first for our travel days. walking at a rest area!
  • Blood labs round 3
    • I had more blood drawn for some labs prior to my 1st hepotologist appointment next week.
    • I’m really looking forward to seeing the comparison of these numbers to previous blood labs from a month ago, given all the effort I’ve put into diet and exercise.
  • Getting back home
    • We’re completing our final travel days for this extended (6 months?!) road trip, this weekend.
    • We’ll be North of San Antonio and South of Austin, in a smaller town called New Braunfels. We’re looking forward to being around friends and family again!


Last weeks priorities:

  • P1: < 2 CGM spikes per day
    • I did it! This was mostly diet, but a few times I did lean on some exercise after a meal with some carbs.
    • This first week has been incredibly informative. I’ve learned to expect a spike after a fast, pretty much no matter what I eat. And also that I can leverage some exercise after a bigger meal to stay on top of spikes.
  • P1: cover 20 miles of walking
    • This was my first week actually keeping track of all the walking I’ve done. It’s great to know that I’m hitting this baseline.
  • P1: blog post: 1st check-in
    • you’re reading it!
  • P1: blog post: OKR Grid
  • P2: 1 day water fast
    • I’ve completed 2 of these: one last week and the other this week.
    • This seems to be easier to do than I remember attempts from the past. I’m sure the diet is helping on this front.
  • P2: find some podcasts
    • Thanks to awesome friends, I have some really great material to get started with.