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Published August 21, 2023

Original OKRs post I’m tracking against.

OKR Confidence

(7/10) Objective: Reshape my body

  • Weight loss
    • I’m now down 35lbs over the past 2 months. This is still largely due to a strict diet and a healthy amount of exercise.
  • Exercise
    • Walking highlights
      • I have been overtraining and my feet and lower legs are not recovering properly between workouts.
      • I’ve lowered my workouts to 2 miles per day and will slowly build up higher over time.
    • I’m adding some light resistance training to supplement some of the walking miles I’m losing.
  • Nutrition
    • I’m still experiencing success with low carb and whole foods
    • I’ve shifted into a daily intermittent fasting mode. I’m currently cycling on a 16:8 IF schedule. (I eat all of my daily calories within an 8 hour window)
    • As long as I eat plenty of protein and fat, I’ve found it easy to stick with finishing dinner by 7pm, skipping breakfast, and having lunch by 1pm or so the next day.

(8/10) Objective: Understand my body and health issues.

  • Nothing new to add to podcasts or books from my last check-in.
  • I’ve resubscribed to youtube and found a lot of really great material there also though! I’ll follow up with some posts detailing some of the notes I’m taking.

(6/10) Objective: Implement sustainable lifestyle changes

  • Wearing the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) helped me identify what to eat and how to curb the spikes after eating foods heavier in sugars or carbs.
  • I’ve also taken the opportunity to learn how hyper (high) and hypo (low) blood sugar feels. It’s mind blowing how much food (or the lack of it) impacts the body.


  • Circuit Training
    • I’ve been to the gym!
    • The treadmill and I are friends, but I haven’t quite made it over to the weight machines yet.
  • 20 miles per week walking/running
    • I hurt my foot, so I didn’t quite hit my goal this past week.
    • I did put in 18.6 miles. So close, but not a great finish for the week.
  • cook 5 healthy meals
    • Last week I did cook some chicken breast pretty well.
    • We have been grocery shopping, and I’ve got a few things I’m looking forward to trying.
  • blog post per week
    • I did it!
  • discipline of morning/evening routine
    • Early mornings are still a challenge.
    • Getting to sleep at a decent hour is getting better.
    • We have new challenges now that we’re back “home” and have access to all our friends and family. It’s too easy to stay up late catching up with everyone.
  • 8 hours of sleep
    • I’m starting to see some consistency here.
  • meds/supplements
    • I did it!
    • I’m adding some Calium, more Vitamin D, and Turmeric daily for my foot recovery.


  • Travel days
    • This past weekend we wrapped up the last 6.5 hours of our 6-month long road trip.
    • We encountered a lot of traffic while not on the back roads.
    • Getting setup in New Braunfels felt very relaxing, if only because we aren’t planning any RV trips through the end of the year at least.
  • Foot woes
    • I overtrained and injured my left foot.
    • After staying off it for a few days I feel more or less normal, but I’m going to take it easy.
    • I’ve scheduled a visit with a podiatrist to review my form, shoes, and the structure of my foot.
  • Visiting with the Hepatologist
    • This week is my “big game” week.
    • I’ve put in a significant amount of effort to drop weight through diet and exercise. I’m excited to learn how my progress tracks with my effort.
    • My aim is for the blood labs (7/3 -> 8/15) to show a U-turn and present a clear path to recovery.


This past week was difficult with back to back travel weekends, so I did not capture priorities for this past week. Boo!

I can at least share some accomplishments.

  • P1: Blood glucose in range
    • I leveraged diet choices and exercise to keep my blood glucose average at 70mm/dL for the 2 weeks I wore the CGM.
  • P1: maintain healthy diet through the stress of travel days
    • This was a challenge, but we have managed to keep it low carb and whole foods.
  • P2: improve blog dev to make it easier to post
    • Most of my development is on a remote server, but this makes regularly posting content more challenging.
    • I installed everything to make blog posts locally on my laptop.
    • Everything is working and this post was written locally! So more content to come!

…and some things I’ve started but not yet finished:

  • P1: newsletter and RSS for blog
    • I did discover that the blog RSS feed is, but I still need to update the site to make this easy to find.
    • I haven’t yet identified the right newsletter integration, but I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of everything this week.
  • P1: Resistance training schedule
    • I know that I want to keep things light and aerobic to align with the low carb diet I’m on.
    • Beyond the dietary considerations, I’ve still got a lot to learn about what is and what is not in range.