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an overdue check-in

Published September 8, 2023

Original OKRs post I’m tracking against.

OKR Confidence

(7/10) Objective: Reshape my body

  • Weight loss
    • I’ve lost over 40lbs so far!
  • Exercise
    • I’m slowly building my walking mileage back up since my foot has healed.
    • Swimming has been a really great way to supplement some of those walking miles in the meantime.
    • We went out of town unexpectedly and I remained diligent with my longer walks…even with the incredibly hot temperatures. Knocking those out felt great!
  • Nutrition
    • I took a break from whole foods keto diet and honestly kind of missed it. I feel this was worth the “shock to my system” as an experiment.
      • Fast food just isn’t appealing like it used to be. Sweet things are just overly (and sickeningly? sweet)

(9/10) Objective: Understand my body and health issues.

  • I’ve finished reading “The Liver Cure” by Russell L. Blaylock.
    • I’ve learned so much from this book, from the basics of what makes up the liver, it’s functions, what contributes to NAFLD, enzyme roles, what to supplement with, eat for a healthier liver and more.
    • I’m still working to summarize my notes into something more digestible and then I’ll post them here.

(8/10) Objective: Implement sustainable lifestyle changes

  • I think the radical changes I’ve made are starting to feel like a normal part of my day.
  • I feel more confident in my ability to get up and get some activity in without the mental blocks I’ve had in the past.
    • My energy levels have been high and I generally feel more capable of taking on new challenges without the worries I’ve had.
    • Doing maintenance around the RV is no longer a draining chore. These things have just become quick little tasks to knock out and then I keep going.


  • Circuit Training
    • I’ve taken up swimming and it’s much more difficult than I anticipated. It’s still not circuit training, but I’m getting the same benefit and staying cool in the Texas heat.
  • 20 miles per week walking/running
    • I hurt my foot a few weeks ago and started swimming to offset the loss in exercise from walking as much. I now have some proper footwear and am back at it though!
  • cook 5 healthy meals
    • We visited some family in Del Rio and I took a mini vacation from my strict dieting. It wasn’t the best idea, since I felt really bad after some of the meal choices. It’s good to be back in the keto flow of things though.
    • Monica bought an air fryer for us that I’m really excited to check out.
  • blog post per week
    • I’ve been slacking! There are plenty of excuses I could raise, but my aim going forward will be to reduce the effort required to post in order to maintain consistency.
    • THANK YOU to those of you that are keeping me honest and asking me for an update!
  • discipline of morning/evening routine
    • This has been less and less an issue over the past few weeks.
    • Going to sleep early and getting up early feels good and allows me to be more productive.
  • 8 hours of sleep
    • I’ve been hovering around 6-7 hours a night.
    • I need to research how necessary a full 8 hours is every night.
  • meds/supplements
    • My doctors are already making plans for taking me off of Metformin in November since my blood work results are looking so great!


  • Visited with the Hepatologist
    • We reviewed my recent blood work and compared it to my starting point.
    • We are all very happy with my progress. I was told to “keep doing what I’m doing, and we’ll see you in 12 months.”
    • My primary care is already interested in taking me off of some of the medications I started to manage my A1c and blood glucose levels.
  • Foot woes
    • I visited a podiatrist and it turns out I caught things early enough that there weren’t any stress fractures to deal with. I switched my shoes out for some with more cushion support, and I’m back in the game. I’m taking it easy to build back up to the mileage I was hitting before though.

Priorities for next week

P1s = must do P2s = should do

  • P1: Complete three 5 mile walks this week
  • P1: Reading Glucose Revolution by the Glucose Goddess.
  • P1: add newsletter functionality to this blog
  • P1: share my notes from “The Liver Cure”
  • P2: improve blog dev to make it easier to post