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Good news from my biopsy

Published October 30, 2023

Not too long ago, I had a Fibroscan that provided some really scary results. Because of those results, my doctors recommended a liver biopsy.

That biopsy gave us some really good news:

  • My recent liver biopsy results show that I’ve now brought the level of fat in my liver (steatosis) to normal range. This is important because it will allow my liver to begin healing.
  • The other large takeaway is that my liver damage (fibrosis) was downgraded from stage 4 to stage 2. This means that my liver is not nearly as damaged as the Fibroscan imaging showed it to be. There’s a lot more hope that my liver is capable of healing, given the lifestyle changes I’ve made.

I’m officially in a healing and monitoring phase now. The plan is to schedule another Fibroscan in 6 months and again in 1 year. Without further complications, we get to consider all of this a thing of the past.

I have some theories about the discrepancies between the Fibroscan imaging and these biopsy results. I have been aggressively losing weight which may have stressed my liver around the time of the Fibroscan.

So, what now? I’m almost over this covid crud. I’m starting back into exercise slowly with walking: babysteps on the treadmill, adding some miles, then jumping back into rucking on trails.